new GigBEACON™ event platform


Our new Event Solution from our Express App division utilizes Eddystone™  URL Beacons and The Physical Web to deliver setlists, ringtones, tips, coupons and more.

Check out the landing page and stay tuned for upcoming Beta news

new Tic-Tac BEACH beta

Attn: Lady Gamers –MSB Games extends its TT-View Platform Mobile Game Series with the new Tic-Tac BEACH Match-3 Puzzle utilizing hot beach models. Coming soon to Amazon, Google Play and more, you can access the beta version today directly at Tic-Tac BEACH



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Tic-Tac TOONs for the kids  Tic-Tac TOONs

Tic-Tac BIKINI for the men  Tic-Tac BIKINI


MSB Games Expands Advisory Board with former ZYNGA CTO

MSB Games has expanded its Advisory Board with the addition of Mr. Siddhartha Singh, who will help guide MSB’s Asia-based Strategy Game Development Team. Mr. Singh’s deep technical experience includes past CTO of CastleVille, ZYNGA-India, in charge of the 18,000,000 daily online players of the worldwide popular social game beerman_dark_bottle_600_800