World Beer League


World Beer League (WBL) is THE online leader board home for fun Beer-Themed Puzzles & Strategy Games

1) WBL Tic-Tac BREW Division – Summer 2014 Launch
“Craft Beer Meets Tic-Tac-Toe”

Beer Fans & Game Players: Represent YOUR favorite Craft Beer in this new fun international gaming series using the free Tic-Tac BREW online game. Compete against other brands and let the winning Beer Brands rise to the top!

Which Beer Brand is the Top?
Beer Fan Game Players search from the 200+ brand database and select their favorite beers brand logos to play for and against. Players also select the game opponent difficulty level, from simple to expert. The respective brand logos and competition engine are loaded into the Tic-Tac BREW game ready for the always free online play. Winners are tabluated by Beer Brand on the World Beer League Online Leaderboard, which is updated worldwide via RSS Feed. Every Month a new Brand Winner is announced, and the Leaderboard resets back to zero for the next month.

Specs: Tic-Tac BREW Game
Optimized for current tablets (iPad + Android OK)
Cross-Platform: Works on all PCs, Macs & most all mobile devices with a current browser.

2) WBL Strategy Game Challenge Series Division
Fall 2014 Launch

Individual Competition & Prizes
“Craft Beer meets Sim City”

Build & Manage Your Own Brewery – the market is fierce and the competition is brutal!

Specs: MeterSteiner Beer Manager Pro v2
Optimized for Android Tablets

Please contact us for More Details on The Brewery Program to be included in WBL and TTB.